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Chandler Workers' Comp & SSD Attorney

Workers' Compensation Claims

Jobs can be mentally and physically taxing, sometimes resulting in serious accidents or injuries. If you have suffered injury or disability after an on-the-job accident, our team can help. At Fendon Law Firm, P.C., we are committed to providing expert advocacy in even the most difficult worker's compensation cases. We have been representing clients in Arizona since 1972 and have been specifically dealing with workers' comp claims since 1979. With more than 50 years practicing law, Mr. Fendon is proud to say that he is one of the longest practicing lawyers in Arizona when it comes to worker's compensation.

Chandler's Top Employers

Chandler residents are involved in a wide variety of industries, but the top employer of the area is Intel, according to the city's 2012 Economic Development Report. Bank of America, the Chandler School District, Wells Fargo, the Chandler Regional Medical Center, Ebay/PayPal, Verizon Wireless, Microchip Technology, the City of Chandler and Freescale Semiconductor are also major employers in this area.

While these all seem like safe work environments, there are always possibilities for serious injury. Repetitive motion injuries from typing or toxic exposure in an unsafe building can cause serious accidents. As well, individuals involved in construction, heavy labor jobs, and industrial accidents in the area may be severely injured as a result.

Social Security Disability Claims

In addition to our workers' compensation advocacy, we offer assistance with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims. We understand that sometimes the Social Security Administration does not accept applications for benefits, even if you believe that you qualify. You can appeal a denial with the help of a creative and relentless attorney at the firm. We are proud of our exceptional customer service for each client. We understand that you are a person, not a case number. Allow our team to treat you with the respect that you deserve today! Call a Chandler workers' compensation and Social Security Disability lawyer at Fendon Law Firm, P.C. today!

We offer free consultations for workers' compensation and SSD clients.