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Blog Posts in August, 2011

Going and Coming Rule

Here's your Monday Morning Worker's Comp Tip -- If you are traveling to or from work and are injured, the general rule is that your employer is not responsible for the injuries. There are ...
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Medicare 101

Here's Medicare 101: Part A is Hospital Insurance, Part B is "supplemental medicare insurance benefits" (this includes coverage for office visits, etc) and Part D, which was passed under ...
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Statutory Employer Doctrine

CONSTRUCTION WORKERS TAKE NOTICE!! Even if you're a subcontractor or work for a subcontractor, you may be able to establish a compensable worker's comp claim against the general contractor ...
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Social Security Disability is broken!

Here's bad news for Monday. Social Security Disability could be drained by 2017. Applications are up by 700,000 since 2008!! ...
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Idiopathic falls

Idiopathic Falls - if someone has a heart attack, seizure, or fainting spell while at work, and is injured, the only way that injury is covered under worker's comp is if the employment aggravated ...
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SS Disability Waiting Period

There is a five-month waiting period for Social Security Disability benefits. That is, if someone is deemed disabled in January, they would have to wait until June for the benefits to kick in. This ...
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Bunkhouse Rule

The "bunkhouse rule" applies when you as an employee live on your work's premises. If you meet the requirements of the rule, and are injured in any way, you most likely will be eligible ...
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Expedited SS hearings

If you've applied for Social Security Disability benefits, been denied twice, and have requested a hearing, you may qualify for an expedited hearing if any of the following apply: your illness is ...
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Recreational activities

Whether a recreational activity - a company picnic, sports team, etc. - is within the course of employment is dependent on the facts. Recreational activities on lunch breaks are almost always within ...
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