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Blog Posts in July, 2011


Detours do come into play in worker's comp cases. The general rule is that an employee, who while on a business errand, engages in a substantial deviation from the route of the business errand and ...
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Horseplay and industrial injuries

Did you know that if you're injured on the job from horseplay with another employee, you could be precluded from receiving worker's comp benefits? The test for granting benefits is whether the ...
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Introducing our new lawyer -- Frankie Adamo!

Frankie Adamo is “of counsel” attorney with Fendon Law Firm. Frankie’s practice focuses on civil and criminal litigation with concentrations in the areas of tax, criminal law, ...
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Are Social Security Disability benefits taxable?

SS Disability benefits are taxable income when added to the taxpayer's gross income and the total exceeds $25k for a single person, and $32k for a joint-filer. Let us know if you have any other ...
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SS and working

Did you know you can work and file for Social Security Disability? SS allows a claimant to have a trial work period (TWP) even before they are found disabled by a judge. However, a TWP cannot begin ...
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Permanent compensation (unscheduled)

If you injure your shoulder, back, neck, head, and a variety of other bodily injuries while working, you are only compensated on a permanent basis if you cannot return to work and earn what you were ...
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Social Security Disability is broke!

Do you know if you are off work for 12 months per a doctor or expected to be off work for 12 months per a doctor, you are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. It's very easy to apply. ...
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