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Blog Posts in June, 2011

Travel reimbursements

Did you know that if you're injured on the job and have to travel across the metropolitan area of Phoenix (e.g., Mesa to Peoria), you may not be eligible for travel reimbursement per case law? ...
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Cash is not always King!

Some employees are paid cash. This may sound great but it can and will create a lot of problems for employees. Aside from issues with the IRS, if you're injured on the job and are paid cash, it ...
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Uninsured employers

Just because your employer does not have worker's compensation insurance, doesn't mean you can't file a claim. In Arizona, non insured claims are sent to the Special Fund of the Industrial ...
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20-day letters

Worker's comp insurance carriers will send letters to injured workers requesting that they respond and note future medical appointments, and the fact the injured worker is still seeking treatment. ...
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Concurrent employment

Did you know that if you are working two jobs and are injured on one of them, the date of injury employer is responsible for lost wages on both jobs? Insurance carriers frequently leave out wages from ...
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What Are Independent Medical Exams

Independent medical examiners are typically doctors hired by insurance companies to render an opinion regarding an injured worker. In most cases, they are hardly "independent" as the ...
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PRP injections

Tennis elbow anyone? Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are a newer form of non surgical treatment for tennis elbow. Studies have shown good results, and I have had doctors tell me they like them ...
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Importance of filing a WC claim yourself

Injured workers have the burden of filing a worker's compensation claim when they are hurt on the job. Do not rely on your employer or your doctor filing for you. Make sure you file an injury ...
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Injured while traveling abroad

This is a legitimate concern due to the fact that we are shifting to a global economy. Let me know your thoughts on this.
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Unemployment still too high

This is not good news. We really need to get the unemployment rate to about 400,000. What do you think? ...
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Medical Marijuana

Here's another hurdle for the new medical marijuana law. What do you think of the law, in general, good for AZ or bad for AZ? ...
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