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Blog Posts in October, 2011

How the defense side deciphers WC fraud cases

Every now and then it's interesting to see how the other side thinks. This article is defense oriented and talks about how they decipher worker's comp fraud cases. Check it out: ...
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SS Tip of the Day

SS Disability tip of the day - There is a 5 month waiting period before SS Disability benefits begin. Are you officially confused? To break it down - if you file for benefits in December 2010, ...
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Independent Medical Exams

WC tip of the day - As an injured worker, if you are scheduled for an independent medical examination by the insurance carrier, you better attend. Multiple things can happen if you miss one of these ...
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SSI cases

Social Security tip of the day - Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI) cases are needs based. Meaning, this is the fallback program if a claimant has not paid enough into the SS system. However, ...
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Mental Only Cases

WC tip of the day - You can file an industrial injury claim for a mental only case but they are very difficult because in AZ you must prove the stress causing the condition is work-related and ...
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