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Blog Posts in September, 2011

The Personal Comfort Doctrine

WC Tip of the Day - Did you know if you are injured while eating lunch, sleeping, making a personal phone call during the lunch break, smoking, and using the restroom you will still be considered ...
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Independent Contractors

WC Tip of the Day -- Independent contractors (IC) are excluded from coverage under the worker's comp act. The courts use a test in AZ called the "right to control" test to establish ...
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Employer liability for out of town employees

Employers are not automatically liable for the actions of their employees while on out of town assignments:
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Education and SS Disability

Social Security tip of the day - believe it or not, education has little impact on whether a Social Security disability claim is approved. The only exception being illiteracy. Illiteracy can have a ...
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Reopening your WC case

WC tip of the day -- once your worker's comp claim is accepted in Arizona, it can be reopened until the day you die. You just have to show a change in your condition since the closure of your ...
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SS Disability

Disability tip of the day -- alcoholism and drug addiction may not be considered disabling impairments by the Social Sec Admin. However, alcoholics and drug addicts may be found disabled for some ...
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