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Blog Posts in January, 2012

Kill the Bills!!

Kill the bills! There are two bills pending in the Arizona legislature that would severely hurt injured in Arizona. House Bill 2367 would essentially prevent injured workers from choosing their own ...
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Myofascial Type Injuries

Myofascial type injuries are soft tissue, i.e., muscular injuries. Believe it or not, myofascial injuries can mimic symptoms that are similar to intraspinal injuries, such as herniated discs and ...
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Social Security for Terminally Ill

SS Tip of the Day - Did you know that even if you have a terminal illness, you go through the same disability process as every other applicant for Social Security Disability benefits? The only ...
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Is the health condition covered by WC?

WC tip of the day - just because a person is injured on the job, does not mean that every health condition that needs to be treated prior to an industrial-related surgery is covered by the insurance ...
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