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Blog Posts in March, 2012


Employment Law Tip of the Day - Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is one of the few remedies a person with a disability has to protect their job for up to 3 months per year. However, in some ...
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SS Tip of the Day - Depression

Folks can be accepted for Depression under SS guidelines, but it's very difficult with this condition alone. Signs of severe depression can include: unexplained loss or gain of weight, insomnia, ...
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Things to Do If Injured on the Job

Workers comp tip of the day -- if you are injured on the job, the three most important things you should do are to file a claim with the Industrial Commission (602-542-4661), report the injury in ...
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Constructive Discharge

Employment Law Tip of the Day - You don't have to be fired to have a potential claim for wrongful termination against your employer. Constructive discharge occurs when working conditions are so ...
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Hearings for SS cases

Social Security Tip of the Day - Subpoenas are allowed in SS cases. However, they are not routinely issued. The reasons are that they are seldom requested; attorneys often request subpoenas when they ...
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The Equal Pay Act

Employment Law tip of the Day - Equal Pay Act - this Federal law prohibits employers from paying workers of one sex at a wage rate different from that paid workers of the opposite sex for equal work. ...
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Workers' Comp Tip of the Day

Workers Comp tip of the day - did you know if your WC case was previously closed with a permanent disability, and you were able to return to work at the time, but now aren't able to earn what you ...
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