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Blog Posts in May, 2012

Earthquakes and workers' comp?

There was a horrible earthquake in Italy this past weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. Under worker's comp law, an earthquake would be an "Act of ...
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Equal Pay Act

Employment Law Tip of the Day - The Equal Pay Act prevents employers from paying workers of one sex at wage rate different from that paid to workers of the opposite sex for equal work. It applies to ...
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Social Security Tip of the Day - Widowers

Disabled widow or widower benefits are available. However, the applicant must be 50 years old and must have become disabled no later than 7 years after either: the death of the wage earner, the last ...
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SS Trust Fund

I read an article the other day on Bloomberg that states that 1.6 million Americans have claimed SS disability since the recession began in 2007. It also discloses that it may be more difficult for ...
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Workers' Compensation Tip of the Day

You cannot sue your employer if you are injured on the job unless you reject worker's comp coverage prior to the injury, or if your employer fails to post notice that you had a right to reject ...
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