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Should I Prepare for My Workers' Compensation Hearing?

Whenever a person is injured at work in Arizona and has an issue that needs to be litigated on their workers' compensation case, a hearing is scheduled at the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

It is important that if it all possible, the injured worker secures legal representation. If the injured worker hires an experienced attorney at Fendon Law Firm, we will spend a significant period of time preparing the client for that initial hearing.

We will go over what questions we will be asking the client, and what to expect from the insurance company's attorney.

We will also make sure that the injured worker has all the documentation they need in order to be prepared for the hearing.

An Industrial Commission hearing can make or break an injured worker's case. It is crucial that they are prepared and ready to testify.

If you or someone you know was injured on the job in Arizona and have questions about the litigation process, please feel free to contact one of the attorneys here for a free consultation. We are Arizona's largest family-owned and operated workers' compensation and Social Security disability law firm.

We treat clients like family because we are family.

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