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Workers' Compensation Process Flowchart

The road that begins with a workplace injury and ends with an award for workers' compensation benefits is far from simple. However, from filing an initial claim and seeking medical care to determining impairment, each case will follow roughly the same steps. If you have been injured at work, the flow chart linked to below may help both you and your loved ones to understand the claims process.

At Fendon Law Firm, P.C., we believe that client education and open communication are central to the success of a claim. Every case will be unique and the following flowchart is only meant to act as a general guide to the process of industrial injury claims. If you have any questions about your specific case or how a particular part of the process may apply to you, we invite you to contact our Flagstaff workers' compensation lawyers. Each member of our legal team is dedicated to providing clients with the information they need to make the most informed decisions about their case. Request your case evaluation today.

View our workers' compensation flowchart here.

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