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"20-Day" Letters

What is a "20-day" letter? A "20-day" letter is a document sent to an Arizona injured worker by the insurance adjuster which solicits information about the injured worker's next doctor's appointment.

If the injured worker fails to return that document within the 20 days allowed, the insurance adjuster can close the injured worker's case.

Once the case is closed, the injured worker only has 90 days to appeal the closure. If they fail to appeal the closure, they may be stuck with the insurance carrier's decision.

There is an exception to that rule. There is a case on the books in Arizona that allows that notice that closed the case to be set aside if the injured worker has a permanent impairment at the time of the closure.

It is safer for the injured worker to comply with the "20-day" letter and inform the insurance adjuster of when their next appointment is. However, if they do fail to comply they do have that 90 day appellate period. In addition, if they miss that 90 day appellate period, they can argue that the notice is void because they had a permanent disability at the time of the closure.

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