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Can the AZ Workers' Comp Insurance Carrier Suspend My Compensation for Noncompliance with Treatment?

The answer to this question under Arizona workers' compensation law is "yes".

There is a statute that allows workers' compensation insurance carriers in Arizona to petition the Industrial Commission to suspend compensation and medical benefits if the injured worker is persisting in "unsanitary or injurious practices" that interfere with the Arizona injured workers' recovery.

Please keep in mind that the insurance carrier cannot simply suspend benefits because they believe the injured worker is retarding the recovery. They have to petition the Industrial Commission and the matter has to be heard by a judge.

If the judge agrees that it should be suspended, the injured worker then has to file a petition to reopen with the Industrial Commission and agree to be compliant with treatment.

The courts have said that once the injured worker agrees to comply with treatment, the benefits should be reinstated. However, this entire process is not easy, and time-consuming for the injured worker.

As an Arizona injured worker, the best way to help yourself and your case is to be compliant with your treatment and attend all of your medical appointments. Do your best to improve your medical condition.

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