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What if I have a non work-related condition that interferes with treatment for my Arizona work comp claim?

If you are a Phoenix injured worker, and have a back injury on the job, for example. You are entitled to medical benefits covering that back injury as well as compensation benefits for your time missed from work under the Arizona work comp system.

However, many people have other health conditions that are related to their Flagstaff work injury, which may need to be treated at the same time as their Phoenix industrial injury claim or the nonindustrial condition may need to be treated before their Arizona work comp claim.

In some cases, treatment of that unrelated condition maybe covered under your Prescott workers' compensation claim. For example, if an employee needs a preoperative heart treatment before undergoing a back surgery, it may be covered under the Arizona industrial claim.

The key to getting the nonindustrial condition covered under your Phoenix work comp claim is to prove that the only reason the injured worker needs that heart treatment, is because of the back surgery. To put it another way, if the injured worker would need that heart treatment regardless of their work comp claim, it probably will not be covered under Arizona workers' compensation law. However, if the only reason they need that nonindustrial treatment is because of the industrial medical care, it should be covered under Arizona caselaw.

These issues come up very frequently especially for preoperative procedures before any surgery happens on industrial injury claims in Arizona.

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