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What are the Threshold Questions for Evaluating a Social Security Disability Case?

Oftentimes, Social Security Disability claims are unfairly denied for those who are in serious need of them. Our team at Fendon Law Firm, P.C., understands just how frustrating and upsetting this can be, which is why work to ensure you are aware of the various options awaiting you. Not only can we present you with alternatives, we can also help you appeal a denied Social Security claim, advising you throughout the entire process.

The following are the main threshold questions for evaluating a social security disability case:

  • Have you worked 5 out of the last 10 years?
  • Are you insured?
  • Will you be off work for a year?

If a worker does not have enough taxed earnings to qualify for disability, there are other options. One of the most commonly chosen routes is to apply for Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI), but it is not always a guaranteed service. In fact, it is "needs-based", which means that various income or assets could exclude the claimant from that particular benefit. To qualify for disability, workers must have a certain amount of credits, which stem from the taxes they have paid out of their wages over the years.

Generally speaking, a full year of work will earn a claimant 4 credits. The total number of credits needed to qualify is based on one's age. To qualify for disability or SSI, the claimant must be precluded from engaging in substantial gainful activity--this means that they are unable to work full-time in the US workforce, earning approximately $1200 a month due to their disability.

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