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Arizona Public Employees to have HMO type medical coverage for workers' compensation claims if Senate Bill 1407 passes

There is currently a bill in the Arizona legislature which would effectively limit public employees' choice of medical provider/treatment when injured on the job.

The current system for Arizona public employees (e.g., state, city, county) allows injured workers to choose any medical provider that they want to see when they are injured on the job.

If this bill passes, once injured on the job, a public employee in Arizona would have to go to only medical providers that their public employer has in their network.

This particular bill does not benefit employees at all. It is, however, a significant benefit for governmental employers in Arizona. Governmental employers can send injured workers to physicians and which will effectively limit the treatment that injured public employees can receive.

We urge all public employees and their family, and friends to contact their state legislators immediately and tell them to vote no against Senate Bill 1407.

Here is a link to the bill:

For a list of legislators to contact, see this link:

Fendon Law Firm, a plaintiff workers' compensation law firm, is completely against this bill.