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Social Security Disability Benefits in Phoenix, AZ

After suffering an injury or illness that prevents you from returning to work, you may be entitled to benefits through Social Security. In the nation today, nearly 60 million individuals are receiving benefits through this program. Most beneficiaries of Social Security are retirees, but people who are disabled before retirement can also claim benefits.

Currently, the Social Security system is designed to provide tax money to people who are:

  • Retired
  • Disabled
  • Survivors of people who have died
  • Dependents of beneficiaries

We encourage you to obtain the legal services you need to determine your eligibility and pursue benefits through Social Security disability. Contact our Phoenix Social Security Disability attorney! We are available to serve you 24 / 7 at (602) 842-6782.

Types of Social Security Benefits

In order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, most individuals require 40 quarters, which equates to 10 years of work to qualify. If you qualify, you may be entitled to monetary benefits for yourself and your family. Monthly benefits of up to half of your disability amount can be paid to your spouse or unmarried children. In some situations, ex-spouses may qualify for benefits if they meet the set requirements.

Your family may be entitled to survivors' benefits if your disability leads to death. When you are prepared to apply for benefits, our Phoenix Social Security Disability lawyers can walk you through the process.

Legal Assistance from Our Phoenix Social Security Disability Attorneys

Social Security is a program that can help you pursue financial benefits to improve your future. As you seek assistance from Social Security disability insurance, our legal team encourages you to not take any risks that could jeopardize your opportunity to obtain these benefits.

At Fendon Law Firm, P.C., we can help ensure that each step is appropriately taken and all paperwork is completed correctly. We can answer your questions and carefully guide you through the process.

Our firm offers free case evaluations for Social Security disability clients, so contact us today to schedule your assessment! You can set up an appointment in Phoenix, Prescott, Flagstaff, Kingman, Casa Grande, Payson, or Yuma.