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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Complex regional pain syndrome is a chronic pain within the injured person's arm or leg. After a workplace accident that caused injury, stroke or heart attack, a patient can experience complex regional pain syndrome. When the nervous system functions in an abnormal fashion after an injury, this syndrome is often the unfortunate result. If you have suffered complex regional pain syndrome from a workplace accident, speak with our Phoenix workers' compensation attorneys to discuss what compensation can be sought.

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Why does regional pain syndrome occur?

Causes of this syndrome are unknown, and there is no cure. In many patients, the syndrome increases and even spreads to other areas of the body. Treatment, however, can be given for complex regional pain syndrome, such as physical therapy, medicine, and nerve blocks.

Complex regional pain syndrome is a long-term issue that may require a substantial amount of medication and treatment for a reasonable level of comfort. Costs associated with this issue tend to be very expensive, which is why the need for workers' compensation is so great.

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As complex regional pain syndrome is one of the most painful long-term conditions of an accident, victims should obtain just compensation for their work injuries. In some cases, employees are not able to return to their jobs as a result of the pain. Workers who suffer chronic pain of this kind are entitled to receive benefits through workers' compensation. However, employers and their insurance providers may be hesitant to grant benefits for this long-term condition. At Fendon Law Firm, P.C., we can help you document your injuries and provide medical evidence to help you receive the benefits you need.

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