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Workers' Compensation Program

Phoenix Workers' Compensation Attorneys Explain Your Rights

As you seek to obtain workers' compensation after a workplace injury, having your claim accepted is the first hurdle you and your family will face. Even if the insurance carrier accepts your claim, you must navigate a complex and challenging legal system to obtain all the benefits you deserve. In most cases, employees are not even aware of the benefits they can receive through workers' compensation until they are injured at work.

Our Phoenix workers' compensation lawyers can help ensure that you receive all of the benefits for which you are eligible. Call us today at (602) 842-5782!

Our Firm's Program

At Fendon Law Firm, P.C., we provide a solution to our clients' workers' compensation issues. We offer a reduced fee program for workers who have accepted insurance claims without litigation. Our firm can monitor your claim to ensure it is properly processed, protect your rights, and maximize your benefits. For this critical service, our firm receives a reduced fee of the temporary compensation that you obtain during your medical treatment.

Below is a list of some of the benefits we provide in our reduced fee monitoring program:

Rights and Benefits
At Fendon Law Firm, P.C., we know what your rights and benefits are as an injured worker. We can explain what you are entitled to receive and your available options through workers' compensation. When you sign with us, the entire Fendon Law Firm, P.C. team works to maximize your benefits.

With this program, we can handle all communication with the insurance company, the Industrial Commission of Arizona, and other interested parties. We can also review all unfamiliar and confusing legal documents to ensure that your rights are adequately protected. We can make sure that all of your important documents are correct and that you receive all deserved benefits.

Excellent Medical Care
Our network of doctors and healthcare professionals provides high-quality medical care and has a close understanding of the workers' compensation system. This level of exceptional medical care is essential when you need to fight the insurance company after a claim denial, premature claim closure, or loss of benefits.

Change of Doctor
The insurance company may force you to work with the doctor of their choice. You, however, may request a change of doctor unless your employer is self-insured. We can direct you to the best doctor and help you obtain approval by the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

Prescription Medications
Injured workers require many medications, without delay or hassle. We work with pharmacies that provide medications to clients when there are problems obtaining authorization from the insurance company so that they are not without medication. The companies we work with also provide medications for people with denied claims while our firm fights to get the claim accepted.

Nurse Case Managers
Many insurance companies assign nurse case managers to coordinate and direct an injured worker's care. The downside, however, is that the nurse case manager works for the insurance company and not you. You are not required to have this assigned individual manage your care. Instead, we can assist you with care to maximize your recovery.

Out-of-Pocket Costs / Copays
The process of obtaining reimbursement for expenses that you incur from your injury can be a major hassle. At Fendon Law Firm, P.C., we can help you receive all deserved money. When necessary, we can take the issue to court if the carrier refuses to reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses associated with your claim.

Reduced Stress
An experienced attorney can work on your behalf and, as a result, remove worry from the stressful process. If you are hurt, your focus should be on recovery rather than on navigating a confusing legal system. We can fight against the insurance company that is trying to minimize their costs so that we can safeguard your rights. When you sign up with our firm, you can have confidence that we can protect your needs and place your concerns as our highest priority.

Understanding Our Benefits Program

Listed above is a sampling of the many benefits you can receive by choosing Fendon Law Firm, P.C. to represent you in your workers' compensation claim. We take tremendous pride in providing excellent and prompt service to each of our clients. As a family firm, we work toward obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients.

By choosing our firm, we can use our experience to help you accomplish your goals. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our workers' compensation attorneys. Our offices are located in Phoenix, Prescott, and Flagstaff. We look forward to helping you with your workers' compensation claim!

Caveat: The fee does increase to 25% if a request for hearing is filed, and the lower fee does not apply to permanent disability benefits.