The American Medical Association (AMA) defines maximum medical improvement (MMI) as the point at which a patient's condition has stabilized to the point where there is very little chance of seeing any substantial improvement or significant decline in health, within the next 12 months. Maximum Medical Improvement does not mean the patient will not experience various symptoms or signs, it simply means the doctors do not expect to see further recovery or decline.

Doctors will often claim maximum medical improvement if:

  • The patient has reached the end of healing
  • The patient has become medically stable
  • There are no additional cures available
  • There are no additional treatments available
  • The patient has reached the highest level of medical improvement

If the medical professional treated your injuries has declared that you have reached MMI, it is highly likely your workers' compensation insurance will no longer agree to cover your continued medical care. This could leave you in a position of having to either:

  • Agree to a final settlement amount (thus releasing your employer and insurance provider from all legal liability
  • Fight to continue receiving the benefits and medical care that your injuries require

From our point of view, there is no reason to settle unnecessarily. We can fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve.

Our founding attorney is one the state's first to become certified as a workers' compensation specialist and our legal team has had decades of experience representing clients in all types of workers' compensation cases. Our hard work and commitment to clients has allowed us to recover millions of dollars in settlements and claims on their behalf.

If you are worried about having your workers' compensation benefits cut off due to your doctor claiming MMI, Fendon Law Firm, PLLC may be able to help. Call a Phoenix workers' compensation attorney at our firm now to schedule a confidential consultation and review of your case.