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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover My Lost Wages?

| Dec 27, 2013 | Firm News

If you are injured while on the job, and are unable to work for more than 7 days, you are entitled to some compensation for lost wages. The first 7 days will not be eligible for compensation in cases of time lost from work; for example, should you be off work for 12 days, you will only be eligible for benefits for lost wages for 5 days. Once an injury has made it impossible to work for 14 days or longer, you will be paid benefits for all of the days that you missed, including the first 7 days.

The amount you are paid in benefits will vary, based upon the amount you are paid every month for your work duties. There is a limit in the amount of benefits available under the workers’ compensation program. The maximum amount that could be paid is about 2/3 of your monthly salary, up to a total of a maximum monthly wage of $4,185.78. You may have been making far more per month, but this is the limit under this state program. The claim, termed a “time lost claim” will be paid as of the date of your injury, and is not increased based upon cost of living.

The claim for time lost must be filed correctly, with all required supporting documentation. Your doctor must have put you on a “no work” status. It is required that you are being treated for your injuries on an active basis, with the goal of improving your medical condition so that you can return to work at some point, although there is no limit to the number of days, months or years you could receive benefits. The benefits come to an end when your doctor releases you as able to once again go to work. It is advised that you have an attorney manage your claim, as these claims could be denied, or incorrect or incomplete paperwork submitted, delaying or reducing the benefits you deserve.

Contact the Fendon Law Firm for more information about lost time from work and the benefits you are due through the Workers’ Compensation program in Arizona.

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