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| Apr 10, 2018 | Firm News

The answer is “yes.” Of course, there’s no guarantee that your case will settle. Every case is different.

Injured workers in the state of Arizona are able to settle their workers’ compensation cases. When we say “settle,” we mean receiving money in a lump sum in exchange for giving up future rights on your case.

There are different kinds of settlements.

For example, if someone has an accepted Worker’s Compensation claim, and they are receiving a permanent monetary benefit, they may be able to settle that monetary benefit for a lump sum. In this circumstance, their medical benefits stay in place.

Another type of settlement involves an Arizona injured worker’s ability to settle their supportive care benefits. In this circumstance, the injured worker settles their limited annual medical benefits via their workers’ compensation claim for a lump sum.

The newest form of lump sum settlement in Arizona is full and final settlement. This is brand new to the state as of November 2017. What this means is injured workers can settle their entire case-the indemnity and medical benefits for a lump sum. This means that they’re receiving a lump sum of money in exchange for forfeiting any and all compensation and forfeiting any and all medical benefits. These types of settlements are very complex and we strongly urge all Arizona injured workers to consult with a Worker’s Compensation certified specialist before settling these claims.

Our founder, Matt Fendon, is a Certified Specialist according to the state bar of Arizona. Please feel free to call Matt Fendon Law Group (MFLG) for a free consultation on your full and final settlement or any other workers’ compensation or Social Security disability issue.

We are the Rock for Arizona’s injured and disabled workers.

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