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What is a sharps injury?

| Jan 25, 2019 | workers' compensation

Arizona workers like you often have to face different types of workplace dangers. The possibility for injury can exist in any profession, no matter how risky it outwardly seems. As someone in the medical or health field, however, you face a unique issue: sharps injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have detailed information on sharps injuries, which can be a big issue for many healthcare workers. Sharps injuries are any sort of harm that is done to you by a sharp object. These typically include things like needles and scalpels. They may also include other sharp instruments or even broken glass from appliances, windows, or other sources.

Sharps injuries can be dangerous both for the risk of infection, and because blood-borne pathogens then have a way to get into your bloodstream. Many times, sharps injuries will occur in operating rooms or on the floor by nurses, doctors or surgeons. They can happen at any point during the use of a sharp object, from the passing of a scalpel to the disposal of a used needle.

The issues of infection and pathogens is also high. You can contract potentially serious ailments like Hepatitis, or suffer from an infection that takes time to heal, resulting in you having to take leave from work or even go through physical therapy.

If you have suffered from a sharps injury at your workplace, you might be eligible for compensation. Consider speaking with an attorney to learn more about your options and where you can go in your case.

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