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Understand the fine details of workers’ compensation benefits

| Apr 6, 2019 | workers' compensation

When you incur an injury in Arizona, you may decide to use your workers’ compensation benefits to help you as you recover. If you have not needed these benefits before, you likely have many questions about the process. At the Matt Fendon Law Group, we are committed to helping you understand the fine details of workers’ compensation and what you need to do to access these benefits. 

When you file a workers’ compensation claim, you may think there is only one kind of claim. According to the Industrial Commission of Arizona, there are two kinds of claims you might file. You might file a time lost claim if your injury will keep you from working for at least a week. In this situation, your benefits might provide a portion of your monthly income so you can continue to pay your bills as you recover. If you file a medical only claim, then your benefits may cover the medical expenses you incurred while treating your injury.

When you first incur your injury, it is a good idea to speak to your supervisor immediately. This is because it is usually your task to make sure the company knows about your wound. Most of the time, you can receive your workers’ compensation benefits sooner if you do not wait a few days to tell your employer about your injury. In the aftermath of the incident, you may sometimes find that things happen quickly and you may realize that although you told your supervisor about your wound, you did not file a claim. This does not mean you have lost access to your workers’ compensation benefits. You typically have one year to file a claim and collect all of the necessary documentation.

Even though you file a claim for your workers’ compensation benefits, sometimes a court might deny your claim. In this situation, you usually have to file a petition so that a court can review your situation. You can find more information about this subject on our webpage.

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