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Can knee injuries interrupt your work?

| Jun 1, 2019 | workers' compensation

Arizona workers just like you often have physically demanding jobs that can result in injury. For example, injuries to the knee are quite common. Today, Matt Fendon Law Group will examine just how knee injuries can impact your overall life.

When people think of crippling injuries that keep them from their job, they often think of head or back injuries first. While these are certainly problematic, knee injuries can also result in devastating hurdles. Most people don’t notice exactly how critical their knees are to overall mobility until something is wrong with them. In addition to being a key point in your stride, thus affecting your walking and running, it also impacts your ability to bend, stand, and balance.

This can be hugely harmful because almost any job, no matter what it is, demands the occasional walking, standing, or bending. If you are in pain any time you move your knees, you might not be able to get your job done efficiently and quickly, or at all. This could result in you needing to take time off from work, thus losing your reliable paycheck. Between outgoing payments for medical issues and a lack of steady income, you could be put in quite a financial bind.

Have you suffered from a traumatic injury to the knee while on the job? You may be entitled to compensation for it. Consider taking a look at our linked webpage, which discusses more options for those involved in any phase of a workers’ compensation case.

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