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Common electrical dangers at work

| Jun 7, 2019 | workers' compensation

Arizona employees often have some form of electricity in their workplace, no matter what sort of job they have. With electricity comes plenty of conveniences – and plenty of risks, too. Here are some of the electrical dangers to keep an eye out for in any workplace.

SafetyCulture takes a look at some of the more common safety hazards with electricity. Overloaded circuits, inadequate wiring, and damaged or poorly-maintained tools, equipment, and sources of electricity are all among the top seven in the list. Damaged insulation, exposed electrical parts, and improper grounding are also issues. It could be said that most risks of electrical injury could actually be avoided somewhat easily with the right preventative care and maintenance.

Environment can also add to electrical hazards. For example, if a workplace involves a lot of water usage, such as in a laundromat or a restaurant, this can increase the risk of electric injury or damage.

The Health and Safety Authority discusses preventative methods that can reduce the chances of electrocution at the workplace. First, they recommend having a visual system in place for workers to easily identify where hazardous spots of electricity may be. Testing regularly for damage among electrical appliances and sources of electricity is also a key way of limiting damage, as many electrical accidents happen because of equipment that hasn’t been maintained. Workers should be encouraged to report any damage they see as well.

These are just some of the electrical hazards one might face. Proper maintenance can aid in reducing the incidents that may occur, but remaining vigilant about the possibility of accidents can do even greater good.

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