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Workers’ comp covers expenses for injured workers

| Nov 6, 2019 | workers' compensation

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the average per-employee cost of workers’ compensation is $0.44 per hour of work, but that figure can vary by state and by job. Workers in Arizona may be entitled to benefits from the workers’ compensation system if they are injured on the job. For white-collar jobs like office work and sales, the average per-employee cost is $0.22 per hour of work; for construction work, the average cost is $1.07 per work hour.

The workers’ compensation system is designed to protect workers who cannot earn an income because of a sickness or injury that occurred due to work. It helps employees cover necessary medical costs and typically provides income for people who are unable to work. In cases where an employee dies due to their job, the workers’ compensation system will usually cover funeral and burial costs so that their family doesn’t have to come up with that money.

Medical expenses that are usually covered by workers’ comp include medical transport, emergency room expenses, treatments and testing, and costs associated with specific clinics, hospitals and doctors. In a typical case, an injured worker can turn to the workers’ compensation system to pay them approximately two-thirds of their previous income. The worker usually does not have to pay taxes on that money. The specifics of payment vary on a case-by-case basis.

Workers who are injured on the job in Arizona might benefit from the assistance of a workers’ compensation lawyer. A lawyer may be able to help by looking at the client’s situation, organizing evidence to put together a claim and submitting it to the workers’ compensation system. A lawyer might also help by communicating with government officials on behalf of the client or by filing an appeal for claims that have been denied.

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