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Hazards welders face at work

| Jan 29, 2020 | workers' compensation

Welders in Arizona and throughout the country may face a variety of workplace hazards. Ideally, employers and employee will work together to mitigate as many of these hazards as possible. For instance, if a welder is performing a task that could create heat or sparks, that task should be done in a designated area. That area should be designed to resist heat and be free of any materials that are potentially combustible.

Welders could be at a higher risk of missing work because of burn injuries. To minimize the possibility of incurring one, they should wear protective gear that covers as much of their skin as possible. The clothing that welders wear will ideally be made from leather as it offers greater protection at higher temperatures. Individuals should also ensure that there is proper ventilation available to avoid inhaling toxic gasses such as hexavalent chromium. Consistent exposure to toxic gases could result in health issues such as lung cancer or chronic breathing problems.

Those who engage in arc welding could be exposed to electric shocks or electrocution. Employers are urged to consistently inspect cables and welding leads to ensure that workers aren’t using faulty equipment. Workers should never try to replace welding electrodes with their bare hands as this can increase their risk of injury.

People who are injured on the job generally have the right to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. These could include the payment or reimbursement of medical bills and, in some cases, the provision of a percentage of wages that are lost during the recovery period. People who are in this position might find it advisable to have legal representation throughout the process.

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