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How to mitigate workplace hazards

| Feb 21, 2020 | workers' compensation

A report from Work to Zero concluded that employers may not be doing enough to protect their workers from workplace hazards. According to the report’s authors, workplace fatalities are going up despite the fact that workplace injury rates are declining. The report listed several ways that companies can help to mitigate hazards and minimize the chance that an individual will be hurt or killed while on the job.

Workplace violence was seen as one of the top hazards that can lead to employee injuries or deaths. One of the reasons that workplace violence can be so hazardous is that there is a lack of training about how to reduce it or handle violent events as they occur. Researchers say that companies can provide access to panic buttons or mobile apps that can be used in an emergency situation. An app may be able to keep track of a worker and intervene in a dangerous situation without any input from a worker.

Faulty equipment is another significant contributor to the number of injuries and deaths experienced on job sites. Employers may want to consider using a light that can stop the machine from working as soon as the field is breached. A centralized authorization system can help to control who has access to a machine at any given time.

Anyone who is hurt on the job could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can make it easier to pay medical bills or other make up for lost wages. Employees are generally entitled to have their claims approved or denied in a timely manner. If a claim is denied, an employer may need to provide a reason why that occurred. An attorney may help those who are seeking benefits in the aftermath of a workplace accident.

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