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Arizona court gives win to mental health in workers compensation

| Mar 27, 2020 | workers' compensation

Many jobs are harder that others, such as construction industry jobs or posts as law enforcement officers. So, if that higher risk results in an injury or illness connected to the duty of work, a person in Arizona should not have to fight for the proper help. Unfortunately, that is still what happens for some people.

Workers’ compensation is now an enshrined part of labor rights in the Grand Canyon State and elsewhere in the nation. It is a guarantee of financial coverage of medical conditions related to injuries or illnesses suffered at work so people with health problems connected to work do not have to pay for their own medical expenses.

This may apply to psychological injuries in some cases as well. A Gila County sheriff’s deputy faced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after his involvement in a deadly shooting. He hoped that the county would cover mental health expenses after he needed some help getting ready to go back to work.

An industrial commission denied his claim a month after he made it, so he found a lawyer and appealed this decision. Eventually, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the deputy, which allows him to refile his claim for financial assistance with his required therapy.

Workers facing expenses after injury or illness on the job have the right to claim benefits that help them with recovery. They may also appeal a rejected claim if they believe their case has merit. An attorney can help guide this process and prepare an appropriate claim or appeal that helps move workers’ lives forward.

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