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Workplace safety involves good communication

| Mar 17, 2020 | workers' compensation

When people in Arizona go to work, they may not expect to encounter a serious emergency. However, whether there is a security risk, a danger of violence or a serious construction accident, workers can be affected even if they are not directly in the area at the time. This is especially true if they do not have the information they need to keep themselves safe moving forward. Employers are responsible for providing workers with a safe environment to do their jobs, and in many cases, part of this task is communicating clearly about potential dangers, especially in an emergency situation.

In many cases, workers are active over a large area. Many companies have thousands of workers, and they may have different levels of access to devices and systems. An effective workplace safety system that can protect other employees in case of a serious incident requires good communication. Many workplaces may find that using multiple tools is important if they want to correctly communicate safety information. For example, companies may want to use SMS text messages because they are fast and easy. Of course, many people have mobile phones and can receive them. However, people performing certain jobs may not have access to their phones, leaving them without critical information in case of an incident.

Experts advise that companies should not rely on just one system, even a common one like text messaging. They could also include digital signage and alert systems that are prepared to receive and broadcast communications in case of an emergency.

When employers fail to follow OSHA regulations and other guidelines to protect workers’ safety, employees can suffer serious workplace injuries, leading to lost wages and medical bills. A workers’ compensation attorney may help injured workers to protect their rights and pursue the benefits they need.

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