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Outdated form leads to workers’ compensation appeal denial

| Apr 3, 2020 | workers' compensation

The devil may be in the details, but so are many opportunities for people who know how to look for them. Most workers have to keep a lot of information in their heads to stay safe while being productive. Since filing claims for workers’ compensation is rarely in someone’s everyday experience, people should generally not try to do it on their own unless they are willing to deal with all the details.

A man lost his claim for workers’ compensation after his application turned out to be on the wrong form. An appellate court ruled that the claim must be resubmitted or rest as a denied claim. Forms are one of several important details when considering a claim for workers’ compensation.

The claimant had previously established a claim after workplace injuries to his neck, back and shoulders among other areas. At a certain point, however, a judge ruled that he had reached maximum medical improvement. This is an important term, because workers’ compensation generally covers expenses related to an illness or injury up to this point.

It was his next claim that involved the ill-fated form. His attorney used an obsolete form for a request to review the decision regarding maximum medical improvement. If the form had been updated, the man may have won his claim.

Help with workers’ compensation claims is always close by when you have the right legal representation. A dedicated lawyer can help people injured or sickened by situations at work by creating and reviewing claims for all the appropriate details, which may increase the chances of success.

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