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Seven lesser-known hazards facing workers

| Jul 11, 2020 | workers' compensation

Employers in Arizona, whatever the industry their business falls under, should know about these seven lesser-known hazards to employee safety. They may not be as obvious as the dangers posed by, say, working with heavy machinery or being high above the ground, but they can still have serious consequences.

The first is work-related stress. This often wells up as a result of heavy workloads, financial worries and the feeling of job instability, and it can lead to inattention during work, anxiety and depression. The second danger is distraction, which is more intentional than simple inattention and is often linked to phone use.

Third, poor ergonomics can cause workers to incur a musculoskeletal injury when, for example, lifting heavy objects, reaching for a faraway object or engaging in a repetitive task. The Bureau of Labor Statistics even says that one third of all worker injury and illness cases involve musculoskeletal disorders.

Then there’s the danger faced by lone workers, such as truck drivers, and by those who are bullied and harassed. The former may be injured without anyone to help them while the latter may become depressed or suicidal. Temporary workers are at risk, too, because of sometimes inadequate training. Lastly, employers put workers in harm’s way by not having a system in place for reporting and addressing hazards.

There are workers’ compensation laws in place that allow injured employees to be reimbursed when injured on the job. Workers’ comp benefits can be paid out regardless of who was at fault, though if victims were to blame for their accident, they may have their claim denied by their employer. This is one reason why having a lawyer may be a good idea. A lawyer may help with any appeals and even explain when a settlement is possible.

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