In Arizona, there are typically only three circumstances where the Social Security Administration will expedite a hearing: the claimant's illness is terminal, the claimant is without food medicine or shelter, or the claimant is suicidal or homicidal. There have been some changes where the administration will expedite hearings for "wounded warriors" who are typically soldiers who suffer injuries while in military service.

To meet the exception of being terminally ill, the claimant would have to provide some sort of medical documentation to the administration. There are specific requirements that have to be met.

A "dire need" situation exists when a person does not have enough to meet an immediate threat to health or safety, such as lack of food, or shelter. Another dire need situation could be lack of medical care. If one has health insurance, this will automatically preclude them from an expedited hearing for lack of medical care.

In Phoenix, the hearing office typically has at least one employee responsible for these types of cases.

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