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Client Testimonials

“I’ve been a client of Matt Fendon Law Group since 2012. I had a very complex situation. Matt reopened both cases and got a very satisfying settlement on one. The other is still ongoing and he was able to reopen this as well. If you are injured at work, this is the law firm. Matt and his staff really care and take on the big guys and win. Matt is the sharpest workers’ comp. attorney in the valley of the sun. I would recommend Matt Fendon Law Group to my friends and family. Thanks Matt for all you do for the injured workers out there.”

- Sean W.

“Matt Fendon and his team do more than just provide excellent service. They go above and beyond mere legalities to insure that one receives the kind of care you would associate with being a part of their family. I cannot begin to express my thanks to this law firm for understanding my needs and for making me feel important all the time whether returning my calls, answering my questions, or returning my emails. I understand my case may be just one of many but this law firm makes me feel like I’m always number one. If you’re looking for the best, your search is complete as Matt Fendon Law Group is the one for you!!”

- Dorinda T.

“The entire team at Matt Fendon Law Group is exceptional! From the amount of time and care that each person has while working on a case to the vast knowledge that Matt Fendon provides, MFLG is the only place I would recommend.”

- Monique E.

“I am an attorney who does not practice workers’ compensation. When one of my clients has a work-related injury, I never hesitate to refer him/her to Matt Fendon as I have ultimate confidence he will secure for them the compensation they are entitled. MFLG has an excellent team all around, providing ultimate communication and support to the client to keep them informed at all stages of the litigation process. I never hesitate to refer my clients, whom I obviously want to be well represented, to MFLG.”

- Mark K.

“They always have my back! I can imagine that I’m not always their easiest client but there isn’t anything they won’t do and always in a timely manner. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are amazing!!”

- Holly B.

“I can only say wonderful things about this law group. Everyone is so helpful and very quick to respond to phone calls. I would definitely refer anyone to them.”

- Lynda C.

“I have been with Matt Fendon Law Group since 2011. I feel as though I am part of the family. Matt is always right on top of my case and has walked me through many situations with workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability. I honestly can say if I hadn’t had Matt in my corner, I would not have known what to do in the different situations I have been in. He not only has always been willing to fight for me and my rights against corporate America, he has also guided me through all the trials. Believe me I have had plenty of court dates, I would not have known what to do in so many situations. His staff is so very helpful and polite! I am very thankful to have Matt Fendon Law Group in my corner!”

- Mary H.

“The Fendon Law Group was very helpful and professional in every aspect of my SSDI process! From cradle to grave they stepped me through the process in order to achieve approval! I would definitely refer The Fendon Law Group to all of my friends, family and neighbors, as they treated me with the utmost respect throughout the entire process! Thanks Matt!”

- Larry M.

“I let people know that not only did you get my surgery paid for, but you also got me monthly disability payments tax free for the rest of my life!!!”

- Michael F.

“Matt Fendon Law Office and staff was a really great choice. He impressed me from the beginning. I contacted his office spoke with a representative from his office, and I sent in my information along with all my medical records. I didn’t have to go to the office, which was a real blessing since I had no car to get there. They reviewed my case, and within a matter of a week, they called and told me that they would represent me. They assured me about my case and they wouldn’t even take the case if they didn’t think it would go anywhere. I didn’t have to do a bunch of meetings; I just sent in my medical records and went to my appointments. They did the rest. When it was time for my hearing, I didn’t have to worry about anything. Mr. Fendon met me at the hearing office, reviewed my case, saw the judge and I was approved. I would definitely recommend Mr. Fendon for anyone who was thinking about applying for benefits. He’s true and trustworthy and very laid back easy to talk to and he definitely knows his business. So glad I found them. Thank you Fendon Law Office for all your help.”

- Wendy H.

“Matt and the staff members that I have met or talked to have been wonderful. At times, because of my case, I have had to disclose some very personal information that I’m not very comfortable talking about, but they made it easier by being very understanding, concerned and supportive.”

- Teri G.

“After 2 years of fighting for workers’ comp, Matt and his staff were able to help me get the necessary treatment that I needed. Hiring Matt was the best thing that I did.”

- Walter S.

“I appreciate the attentiveness of the team. They listened FIRST and were very personable. I felt respected and encouraged throughout the processes we worked through.”

- William B.

“I’ve never had to hire legal help before, and hopefully never will again, but it was a nice relief to have someone help take over my case when I was so unaware of the process and what my rights were. When you have an injury and aren’t the one getting to make decisions about your medical care that will impact your career path and future quality of life it can be scary, and Matt Fendon helped educate me about what I was protected with and what I wasn’t under workers’ comp law before I actually hired him. He helped me understand what I had a case for and what I didn’t, and he let me know what the process was going to look like. He helped me be comfortable doing each step when I felt very uncertain before meeting with him. I feel like he gave me a chance to have what I feel needed to happen when I felt like just a case to close by my insurance company before he was on my team. I am very grateful and have to thank his team for that getting that hope back. Reach out. He was very honest and informative before I hired him and has made this process so much easier from the start.”

- Hillary E.

“Matt is a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney and I highly recommend him.”

- Scott M.
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