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What is cubital tunnel syndrome?

Though it receives much attention as an injury occurring frequently in workplaces across Arizona, carpal tunnel syndrome is not the only upper extremity complaint that can result from stress or overuse. Another such condition is cubital tunnel syndrome, which sounds similar to carpal tunnel syndrome but affects the elbow rather than the wrist. 

According to WebMD, because cubital tunnel syndrome results from increased pressure on the ulnar nerve, another term for it is ulnar neuropathy. The ulnar nerve is actually the culprit behind the tingling and pain that results from a blow to your "funny bone." It is vulnerable to both sudden and gradual damage from impact and pressure because of its proximity to the surface of the skin. 

Does my employer have workers' compensation insurance?

If you suffer an injury while on the job, you may have people tell you to file a workers' compensation claim. However, you first need to find out if your employer has this insurance coverage or not. There are only a few cases in Arizona when an employer does not have to have workers' compensation, according to the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

In general, all employers who have employees must have workers' compensation insurance. There are exceptions. If you are a domestic servant in someone's home, then your employer may not have coverage. Your employer may also not have coverage for you if you are someone who does business with the company in a casual manner and in a way not related to the company's main business.

Understanding impairment in Arizona worker's comp cases

Arizona workers' compensation law, like other states' laws, differentiates between disability and impairment. According to IME Care Center, an impairment is a health issue that affects the physical or neurological condition of a person. A disability, on the other hand, refers to the limitations and restrictions an injury places on a person's ability to complete his or her work tasks. When a doctor classifies an injury as an impairment, the workers' comp manager assigned to the case will further classify the impairment as either scheduled or unscheduled. 

Per the Industrial Commission of Arizona, both scheduled and unscheduled impairments constitute monthly payments. How much those payments are and for how long a person will receive them depends on what type of impairment the injury is. 

Five ways to avoid an injury as a nurse

Working as a nurse is a physically demanding job. You are on your feet for long stretches of time, and you must move patients. With these physical demands, comes the potential for injury. According to, nurses have the highest rate of back-related workers’ compensation claims among all industries in the U.S.

However, there are ways nurses can help protect themselves and avoid injury. Here a few ideas.

How workplace injury records can prepare us for a safer 2019

At Matt Fendon Law Group, we encourage workers in Arizona to be vigilant and to prioritize safety. This is especially the case for workers who have built careers in fields that are often considered dangerous, such as construction workers, truck drivers and factory workers.

One of the ways that we can better prepare for a safe year is by analyzing the last worker safety report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With 2018 hardly behind us, the last report issued was for 2017 and the findings were not encouraging.

Can I file for workers' compensation?

Getting injured at work can be difficult. You need to understand your rights and whether you can file a workers' compensation claim. Knowing what will happen can help to put your mind at ease and make the aftermath of the injury less stressful. In most cases, you will have the ability to file a workers' compensation claim.

The Industrial Commission of Arizona explains you can get workers' compensation benefits for an injury on the job if you were doing job-related activities. These benefits will cover your medical costs and sometimes will also cover lost wages. Workers' compensation is a no-fault system, so you do not have to prove who caused your injury, but it does not cover self-inflicted injuries, so there is an investigation.

Causes of scaffolding-related incidents and injuries

Arizona construction workers have a lot of different factors at play when it comes to their overall safety on the job. Unfortunately, adding scaffolding to the mix can increase the risks these workers may face.

FindLaw takes a close look at scaffolding injuries in construction work, which are known to be among the more common types of physical injuries a construction worker can suffer from. A worker's safety around or on scaffolding can be affected by many factors. This can include:

  • Individual worker safety
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Safety precautions
  • Hours worked

Workers’ compensation often covers RSIs

Repetitive motion injuries are a result of cumulative trauma caused by putting a repeated strain on certain tendons, muscles or bones. Arizona workers who suffer from this condition also called cumulative trauma disorders, regional musculoskeletal disorder and occupational overuse syndrome might be eligible for workers’ compensation if it occurs as a result of performing their duties at work.

Medical News Today reports that the first repetitive stress injury description was by an Italian physician in 1700. At the time, this type of condition primarily occurred in industrial workers. Today, everyone from video game enthusiasts to office and construction workers is susceptible to RSIs. Not only are there many kinds of RSI, but there are also many ways to treat it, as it can affect virtually every movable part of the body.

What is a sharps injury?

Arizona workers like you often have to face different types of workplace dangers. The possibility for injury can exist in any profession, no matter how risky it outwardly seems. As someone in the medical or health field, however, you face a unique issue: sharps injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have detailed information on sharps injuries, which can be a big issue for many healthcare workers. Sharps injuries are any sort of harm that is done to you by a sharp object. These typically include things like needles and scalpels. They may also include other sharp instruments or even broken glass from appliances, windows, or other sources.

Sharps injuries in the health care field

Health care professionals sometimes face safety dangers from the equipment used at hospitals.

For example, needles, scalpels and similar tools can pose risks of sharps injuries. Such injuries can have major impacts on health care workers. For example, there can be the potential for such injuries to expose individuals to dangerous pathogens.

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