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Sharps injuries in the health care field

Health care professionals sometimes face safety dangers from the equipment used at hospitals.

For example, needles, scalpels and similar tools can pose risks of sharps injuries. Such injuries can have major impacts on health care workers. For example, there can be the potential for such injuries to expose individuals to dangerous pathogens.

How to Deal With the Aftermath of a Workplace Injury

Matt+Fendon+Law+Group+Onsite+Blog+Image.jpgIf you've been injured at work, you have a lot to deal with. Not only do you have to work on healing, but you have to figure out your financial and work situation. To help you make it through this difficult time, use these tips. This blog will offer advice for caring for yourself physically, emotionally, and financially after an injury at work.

What to Know About Returning to Work After an Injury

Dealing with the effects of a workplace injury is a stressful experience. However, returning to work after an injury is an equally stressful journey. The decision-making process only intensifies when you feel like you're being pressured to return, even if you aren't confident that you're ready.

Does your Social Security Disability attorney properly prepare for the hearing?

Does your Social Security Disability attorney properly prepare for the hearing?  At Matt Fendon Law Group (MFLG), we are a client-focused Workers' compensation and disability law firm. What this means is in preparing for a Social Security disability hearing, we put the client first. The typical process involves months to years of preparation for hearing. However, to keep things more simple for this blog post, we will let you know the types of things that we do in the final month before the hearing. For example, we make sure that all the medical records are updated. In addition, we make sure that all residual functional capacity forms are completed by doctors and returned to our office. These forms are crucial because they address what the claimant can or can't do. In addition, we prepare a brief. The purpose of the brief is to simplify the case for the administrative law judge and for the client. In the brief, we address the objective medical evidence, address what surgical procedures have been done, and we address the functional capacity of our client aka the fact that they are unable to work. Shortly before the hearing-typically a day or two beforehand-we have a conference with the client to prepare them for the hearing process and to make sure they have a clear understanding of how things work. We want to make sure that the client reviews the brief, and understand our argument as well. We then meet the day of the hearing as well to make sure any final questions or issues are addressed. With many of the national Social Security firms, the client never meets their attorney until the day of the hearing and they do not conduct the preparation that is done they way that MFLG prepares. Please feel free to contact our office for a free consultation on your case. We are the rock for injured and disabled workers. We have offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Prescott Valley. Matt C Fendon, Esq.
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My employer said they would take care of me.Unfortunately, this is not accurate. When you are injured on the job in the state of Arizona, you need to promptly do the following three things: file an injury report with your employer, file an injury report with the Industrial Commission of Arizona, and go see a doctor immediately.Do not under any circumstances allow your employer to convince you to tell anyone - whether it be a doctor, hospital or anyone for that matter - that your injury occurred somewhere else besides work.Arizona employers do this all the time where they attempt to take advantage of injured workers by telling them to report their injury as something other than work related, and in response, the employer will take care of their medical benefits and salary.This essentially destroys The injured worker's chances at a compensable Arizona workers' compensation claim. If medical records or any other type of documentation shows that the injured worker said it wasn't work related, this will jeopardize their claim. The whole reason why the employer tells injured workers to do this is to avoid their Worker's Compensation premium from increasing. Nine times out of 10 the employers then "throw them under the bus" and stop paying for their medical benefits and salary. In addition, if the injured worker has any future problems whether medically or the need for compensation, they're out of luck.The whole point of having workers' compensation insurance is to protect employees from hazards on the job. Having Worker's Compensation insurance is a business expense and mandated by Arizona law.Please feel free to call Matt Fendon Law Group (MFLG) about any questions in relation to this subject or any other subjects involving workers' compensation benefits. We also handle Social Security Disability and employment law cases. We offer free consultations for workers' compensation and disability cases. We are the rock for injured and disabled workers.

Prior Industrial Injuries

If you suffer an industrial injury and have previously been hurt on the job with a permanent impairment, your new injury may become what we call an "unscheduled" disability.In Arizona, that means that if your second injury causes you to make less money than you were earning l before the injury, you may be entitled to a monthly check you could receive potentially for the rest of your life.It is crucial when you're injured on the job here in Arizona that you contact a skilled workers' compensation lawyer like Matt Fendon Law Group (MFLG) if you do have a prior permanent impairment.Many times, injured workers will have their case closed without the adjuster considering a prior disability which can mean the loss of thousands and thousands of dollars to the injured worker.Furthermore, adjusters will not tell you that a prior disability from out of state will convert your new injury to an unscheduled disability which will make you eligible for a lifetime benefits. We tell our injured workers that if they have a prior out of state disability, make sure they obtain those records from their prior out of state lawyer, or dig them up if they have them in storage. These records will be crucial for the subsequent injury.Please feel free to call MFLG about this subject or any other subjects involving workers' compensation or Social Security disability issues. We are the rock for injured and disabled workers in Arizona.


The answer is "yes." Of course, there's no guarantee that your case will settle. Every case is different.Injured workers in the state of Arizona are able to settle their workers' compensation cases. When we say "settle," we mean receiving money in a lump sum in exchange for giving up future rights on your case.There are different kinds of settlements. For example, if someone has an accepted Worker's Compensation claim, and they are receiving a permanent monetary benefit, they may be able to settle that monetary benefit for a lump sum. In this circumstance, their medical benefits stay in place.Another type of settlement involves an Arizona injured worker's ability to settle their supportive care benefits. In this circumstance, the injured worker settles their limited annual medical benefits via their workers' compensation claim for a lump sum.The newest form of lump sum settlement in Arizona is full and final settlement. This is brand new to the state as of November 2017. What this means is injured workers can settle their entire case-the indemnity and medical benefits for a lump sum. This means that they're receiving a lump sum of money in exchange for forfeiting any and all compensation and forfeiting any and all medical benefits. These types of settlements are very complex and we strongly urge all Arizona injured workers to consult with a Worker's Compensation certified specialist before settling these claims.Our founder, Matt Fendon, is a Certified Specialist according to the state bar of Arizona. Please feel free to call Matt Fendon Law Group (MFLG) for a free consultation on your full and final settlement or any other workers' compensation or Social Security disability issue.We are the Rock for Arizona's injured and disabled workers.

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