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Workers focus on Electrical Safety Month during May

| May 5, 2019 | workers' compensation

Employees can be injured on the job no matter what they do for a living. Often, people consider common dangers like falling and work-related motor vehicle accidents when the topic of workers’ compensation comes up. Arizona residents should also realize that electrocution and electric shock are pervasive dangers at many workplaces.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International reported more than 20,000 fatal accidents related to electricity over a 10-year period. Electrical accidents can occur in any setting and are not only limited to those who work directly with electricity. For example, an office employee can suffer electric shock from a frayed wire while working at his or her desk. While not as common as falls and truck accidents, workplace electrical accidents are disproportionately deadly, the organization continues to point out. Additionally, many of these accidents can be prevented with the proper training, safety equipment and procedures.

To bring awareness to this important issue, May has been designated National Electrical Safety Month, according to the National Safety Council. This awareness effort can teach employers how to educate their staff on safety policies and rules, as well as to remind them of their responsibilities in providing a safe workplace. Additionally, employees can use this information to understand their risks, as well as their rights if they are injured or are working in unsafe conditions.

Injured workers have the right to seek workers’ compensation after a workplace injury. They should also be able to obtain information on workers’ compensation without the fear of discipline, retaliation or false information on making a workers’ compensation claim from their employer.

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