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Types of workers’ compensation benefits

| Aug 4, 2019 | workers' compensation

Most people who are employed in Arizona are covered by a special type of insurance in the event that they ever become injured or ill due to an event or environment related to their jobs. Not everyone, however, really understands what types of things are covered by workers’ compensation or what types of benefits they may be eligible for. This can be important as a person never knows when they could find themselves in need of these services.

As explained by the Industrial Commission of Arizona, some people only need to request that workers’ compensation pay for medical care to address their work-related injury or illness. This coverage pays for visits to doctors and other health care providers as well as supplies like casts, wheelchairs and more. For people who are unable to work for at least seven days due to their illness or injury, workers’ compensation offers what is called a time lost benefit.

Payments for missed time from work may be made temporarily or permanently depending on if the condition improves to the point where a person can return to work or not. The amount of money a person might receive for either temporary or permanent disabilities may be calculated based on a preset schedule or may be identified based in part on information provided by medical staff.

KTAR reports that in early 2018, the Arizona legislature was pushing forward a bill that would also allow first responders such as firefighters and police officers to seek workers’ compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder.


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