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OSHA to investigate toxic exposure that killed restaurant manager

| Nov 13, 2019 | workers' compensation

Buffalo Wild Wings sports bars are a familiar site throughout Arizona, but the good times ended abruptly at one location when an accident with cleaning chemicals turned deadly. A preliminary accident report from the local fire department and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration explained that a mixture of chlorine bleach and acid produced the fumes that killed a 32-year-old male restaurant manager.

Although the investigation of the fatal workplace accident continues, OSHA has determined that an employee mixed the products Super 8, which contains chlorine bleach, and the acidic Scale Kleen with the intention of cleaning the kitchen floor. The interaction of the chemicals released deadly fumes. The preliminary report states that the employee fled outside. The manager then stepped in to squeegee the liquid outside. The fumes overcame him, and emergency personnel took him to a hospital where he later died.

The chemical gas drove other coughing employees from the kitchen and also irritated customers. The exposure caused breathing difficulty and eye irritation according to the fire department. A statement from the company expressed sorrow for the death and a commitment to cooperating fully with investigators. The local Chamber of Commerce launched a fundraiser to help the victim’s family.

The surviving family members of a person who dies as the result of a workplace accident might also have access to workers’ compensation death benefits. An attorney knowledgeable about the rules for claiming these benefits might help them file a claim. The benefits depend on the timely reporting of the accident to the employer and submission of documentation to the insurer. Employers and insurers generally strive to limit payouts, but legal representation might help a claimant overcome barriers and receive a settlement to pay for medical care and burial expenses.

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