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What Injuries Workers’ Compensation Can Cover

Published October 17, 2019 by Matt Fendon Law Group | Workers' Compensation

Workers in Arizona may know that their employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, but they may not know just what sort of injuries are covered under it. Physical injuries are covered, but that is not all. Mental health conditions like anxiety and depression can be covered if they are caused on the job, and preexisting conditions that are worsened while on the job can be covered, too.

Workers who develop conditions after continual exposure to harmful elements or workplace conditions can be eligible for benefits: for example, those who develop mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos, those who get lung cancer while working in a place where smoking is allowed and those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome because of excessive time spent at the computer. Injuries do not need to arise at the workplace itself. For example, one can be injured in a company-owned car or at a company-sponsored event held away from the company’s premises.

Workers who are injured after disregarding safety rules may file for benefits, but whether they can receive them is another matter. Employers have the right to deny claims. State laws differ as to whether injuries resulting from “horseplay” can be covered under the insurance. Injuries occurring during lunch breaks on employer-owned grounds or during a job-related task can be covered.

Those who wish to pursue a workers’ compensation case are advised to consult with an attorney. While victims do not need to prove that anyone’s negligence was to blame for their injuries, they may still face obstacles when filing. An attorney may assist with each step and even help mount an appeal if the claim is denied. Workers’ comp benefits typically provide wage replacement, cover medical expenses and, if applicable, cover any short- or long-term disability leave.

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