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5 workplace hazards faced by grocery store employees

| May 5, 2020 | Firm News

Some industries are clearly more dangerous than others. Most people know that construction workers face numerous hazards in the workplace. However, what about workplaces that may not appear to be particularly hazardous?

Surprisingly, the potential for injuries exists in every area of grocery stores. Workers across all departments run the risk of serious injury from a wide range of hazards. The following are five areas of risk for grocery store employees.

1. Lifting injuries

Loading and unloading pallets, carrying cases of merchandise out to the sales floor, and helping people load their purchases into their vehicles all involve lifting heavy materials. Even if you take every precaution, follow OSHA guidelines, and employ proper lifting techniques, you are still contributing to wear and tear on your body. Back, shoulder and knee problems can accumulate over time. You should never ignore signs of injury or attempt to work through the pain.

2. Repetitive stress injuries

Stocking shelves and scanning items over and over throughout a shift can take a toll. Carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems can develop from performing repetitive actions.

3. Slips-and-falls

Slippery and wet surfaces are not only a hazard for customers. Workers are just as prone to slip-and-fall injuries, including in backroom areas away from the sales floor. Serious knee and back injuries may occur. In some cases, a slip-and-fall can even result in broken bones.

4. Forklifts and pallet jacks

Forklifts are notorious for causing severe injuries, both to operators and people nearby. Pallet jacks can also fail, dropping heavy loads on the feet of workers. These injuries can knock people out of work for weeks or months. Pursuing the benefits you need during this difficult time is essential.

5. Serious cuts

Deli workers, bakers, butchers, and produce workers all use sharp objects during their shifts. People in other departments may rely on box cutters to help open cases of product. Serious cuts, including the loss of fingers, are commonplace. Workers deserve to be compensated for cut-related injuries.

Don’t wait to address work injury claims

You should never ignore a workplace injury. If you are hurt on the job, inform your employer as soon as possible, seek medical treatment, and speak with a skilled professional about your options going forward.

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