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Can My Employer Fire Me For Being Injured?

Published December 20, 2013 by Matt Fendon Law Group | Firm News

Were you fired after you reported an injury, or upon recovery from your injury and a return to work? In Arizona, an employer has the right to fire you for any reason. It will not affect your right to workers’ compensation benefits, however. Ensure that you have filed your claim and that all documentation is in place and correct so you don’t suffer the needless added stress of fighting to get benefits that you are owed under state law. The benefits paid to you will be issued by the insurance company, and your employer will not be paying directly, no matter what you are being told. If you were fired for a disability that is the result of your injuries it is likely that your rights have been violated, and a wrongful termination suit could be filed against your employer.

Almost all employees in Arizona are “at-will” which allow you to be fired for any reason, any time, but you also have the right to quit at any time. Some employees are on a written contract, which is another matter legally. Were you under a contract with your employer? Find out what can be done to help you to resolve any issue regarding being fired after an injury that was work-related. If you were hired for a specific period of time, and then were injured at your place of work, it may be possible to pursue a settlement or take the case to civil court to seek compensation. Each case is unique, and we urge you to get in touch with a highly qualified and experienced Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm, the Fendon Law Firm. Call today!

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