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Deposition Tips

Published June 4, 2015 by Matt Fendon Law Group | Firm News

When an injured worker appeals an inaccurate notice issued by an insurance carrier, they will be scheduled for a deposition to be taken by the insurance carrier’s attorney. The thought of being deposed by the insurance carrier’s attorney is usually a very scary thought for an injured worker. While it is normal to be nervous, it is usually very helpful to be told a few tips as far as how to handle a deposition.

It is important to remember that a deposition is not a conversation. You should not volunteer information and you should not make small talk. You should always think before you speak and if you do not understand a question you should ask the opposing attorney to repeat the question. You should also keep your answers short. You should never guess at an answer either. If you do not know the answer to a question, tell the opposing attorney that you do not know the answer. You should also be calm and collected during the deposition. If you become angry during a deposition, the attorney for the other side will try to take advantage of that weakness at your hearing.

It is best to never go to a deposition without representation. The Arizona workers’ compensation system is very confusing and it is important that you have proper representation for such a complex system. At the Fendon Law Firm our attorneys have over a century of combined workers’ compensation experience. We are always there to help navigate our clients through the system. We also treat our clients like family because we are family! You should contact one of the attorneys at Fendon Law Firm to ensure you are properly represented at your deposition. Please feel free to contact Fendon Law Firm for any questions about workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, or employment law issues. We now have offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and Prescott Valley.

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