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What is Sheltered Employment and Does it Apply in Arizona?

Sheltered employment refers to the creation of a job by an Arizona employer, after an industrial injury that is not available in the open and competitive labor market. Prior to 2011, sheltered employment was a legitimate argument when an Arizona injured worker sought permanent partial disability benefits and was denied those benefits based on make work created by the employer.

As of 2011, Arizona Revised Statute section 23-1048 was created. The statute essentially states if an employer has made reasonable accommodations, wages paid for the modified job position go against an injured worker when arguing for temporary partial or permanent partial disability benefits under the Arizona workers' compensation system.

You may be wondering what constitutes a reasonable accommodation--in which it is defined as accommodations made by the date of injury employer to allow an employee to return to work by modifying job duties consistent with the employee's limitations. This was an enormous change to Arizona workers' compensation laws, because prior to the enactment of the statute, injured workers could argue for temporary partial or permanent partial disability benefits, even if they were back at work earning the same amount of money as they did on the date of injury.

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