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Phoenix drivers need workers’ compensation after accident

| Apr 9, 2020 | workers' compensation

What are the ways that a delivery driver may be hurt on the job? What about teachers? Accountants? Some professions seem safer than others. Indeed, some are famed for the financial and physical safety that they can provide people. But no job is exempt from the possibility of pain and suffering after an accident or chronic issues.

Construction workers have habitually faced higher risks in the workplace than many other laborers in Arizona and elsewhere in the United States. Law enforcement officers and first responders such as firefighters and emergency medical personnel also face a disproportionate risk in uncontrollable situations.

Anyone with a job that brings them on the road also may suffer injury. A tow truck driver in Phoenix is lucky to be alive after he was hit by a car outside his vehicle and run over. The man was unloading cars at a dealership when a driver, who later admitted to being impaired by pharmaceuticals, struck him in the median of the highway.

“My message is it’s time for drivers to be considerate, you see the blinking lights and the safety vests. Be courteous and move over,” said the wife of the victim, who is recovering from a variety of injuries related to the accident. His employer is arranging workers’ compensation payment to help with treatment.

Workers who need to make a claim for workers’ compensation after an accident on the job can get the help of an attorney. Legal representation may help if employers and insurers are not prepared to make timely payments in a worker’s time of greatest need.

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