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Archive: September 2015

Can I Be Compensated For Disfigurement Of My Head, Neck, or Teeth?

Under Arizona workers’ compensation law, any permanent disfigurement to an injured worker’s face, neck, or teeth is compensated as a scheduled disability. What this means is once a doctor or the Industrial Commission rates the Arizona injured worker for the…

What Happens if Two Arizona Insurance Carriers Are Fighting Over Liability for My Claim?

In Arizona, if two workers’ compensation insurance carriers are fighting over liability for your claim, you may be able to receive a temporary benefit until an administrative law judge sorts out the dispute. We call this type of order a…

What Are Compassionate Allowances (CALS)?

In some circumstances, Social Security will expedite disability claims if a claimant’s condition includes one of the compassionate allowances. Essentially, compassionate allowances are very serious conditions that require quick processing of disability cases. Many of the terminal type disabilities fell…

Secondary Injuries After Accepting a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Arizona

If I am injured at home falling down my own stairs after I have an accepted knee injury claim, is it covered under my Arizona Work Comp Claim? Under Arizona law, the answer to this question is most likely “yes.”…

Effect of Veteran’s Administration (VA) Determination Of Disability On Social Security Disability Case

Decisions by other governmental agencies in relation to an Arizona claimant’s disability status are persuasive but not binding on Social Security judges (ALJs). What this means is even if a Social Security claimant is found to be disabled by the…

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